Motor Vehicle Accident Expert Witness

Analysis, Reconstruction Engineers

Gilmore Engineers can provide a mechanical engineer to analyse and reconstruct motor vehicle accidents involving single or multiple vehicles, vehicle rollovers, or component failures. Our mechanical engineers are also able to calculate pre-incident speeds, estimate stopping distances, analyse skid marks, and pre-impact vehicle positions.


Gilmore Engineers has over 30 years of experience as a leader in investigation and analysis of incidents of various types. This includes car, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accident reconstruction, analysis, and expert witness engineer work.

Over 1,500 reports have been provided by Gilmore Engineers to the legal profession for cases before the District, Supreme, and Federal Courts.

Gilmore Engineers start by giving you an engineering assessment in the form of a verbal opinion after examining the evidence available.  If needed, this opinion is provided as a comprehensive report for the Court. Our experts can then follow through by presenting their evidence to the Court in person on your behalf if required. Contact Us if you need car accident reconstruction or analysis or motorcycle accident reconstruction or analysis.


Reports Contain

  • Pre-incident speed analysis
  • Passenger car head-on impacts
  • Vehicle rollover
  • Skid mark analysis
  • Head light and tail light on / off analysis
  • Pedestrian impacts
  • Determination of seat belts being used
  • Stopping distances calculation
  • Position of vehicle pre-impact
  • Motorcycle and Bicycle impacts
  • Tyre, suspension, brakes, steering and other component failure

Remote Accident Inspections

In response to pandemic travel restrictions Gilmore Engineers  implemented new technology to enable remote inspections and virtual meetings. Virtual options save a significant amount in travel time and costs; so they remain an option as normal travel resumes.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Case Studies

Car Accident – Vehicle Speed

The driver of a motor vehicle involved in a collision was charged with dangerous driving causing death. A critical aspect of the case was the claimed speed of the vehicle before the impact. Our engineer was able to review the available evidence and determine the likely speed range of the vehicle based on tyre skid marks left at the incident scene, measured road friction, slope, and the impact damage.

Motorcycle Accident – Fatality

After a motorcycle fatality in Brisbane, one of our engineers was engaged to act as an expert witness in the case. The driver whose vehicle struck the motorcycle claimed not to have seen the motorcycle until moments before impact. Our expert engineer examined the incident site and was able to provide robust evidence as to the contributing factors that could have made the motorcycle difficult to perceive, leading up to the incident.

​Car Accident – Lights on or off analysis

Gilmore Engineers were provided with globes from headlights, brake lights and indicator lamps of a vehicle involved in a car accident in Sydney. Our engineer examined the remains of the globes under a microscope. He then determined which of the globes were likely to have been illuminated at the time of the impact.

Bouncing Rock

A football-shaped rock was struck by a vehicle travelling at 100km/h. It was claimed that the rock rolled and bounced high off the bitumen road, striking another vehicle and injuring one of the occupants. Our engineer used advanced computer simulation to map the potential path of the rock showing that the bouncing motion was indeed possible, and was much like that of a Rugby ball.

Semi-Trailer Rollover Carrying Live Load

A prime mover and semi-trailer combination carrying livestock rolled over while negotiating a curve on an NSW highway. Our engineer investigated the incident, including the design of the road, road surface condition and signage. An expert engineering report was provided for the court explaining the contributing factors to the incident.

Offset Frontal Collision

When two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision, their pre-impact positions were questioned. It was requested that our engineers determine the location of the vehicles before impact. Other investigators had estimated the pre-impact location using theory that applies to full-frontal collisions. However, the evidence showed that the collision was an offset frontal impact. Our expert was able to provide a more accurate pre-impact location using the dynamics of offset frontal impacts.

Road Sign Blocking View

Gilmore Engineers investigated an incident at an intersection on a curved section of road. Our engineer walked along the road, taking measurements and photographs, then also drove the incident path taking video with dash and hat mounted video cameras.  Based on the evidence collected, he was able to show that the large blue rest area ahead sign played a significant part in blocking the view of approaching traffic and contributed to the incident.

Prime Mover and Trailer - Stopping Distance

A semi-trailer failed to stop in time at road works at the bottom of a downhill grade. Gilmore Engineers were asked to determine the required sight and stopping distance for the combination approaching the road works. Our expert engineer inspected the scene and took measurements of the slope and road friction along the path — this information was used to calculate the required stopping distance for different approach speeds.

Potential Steering Failure

A 4WD vehicle left the road and crashed into a house. Gilmore Engineers were engaged in inspecting the vehicle to look for any contributing factors to the incident. It was found that the steering box was disconnected from its’ mounting, with some bolts broken, and others missing altogether. Our engineer then performed more detailed analysis and material testing to establish if the failure proceeded the incident or was a result of damage caused during the accident.