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Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd is a leading Australian Engineering Consultancy, serving industry, government and consultants in the manufacturing, energy, transportation, aerospace, mining and other high-technology fields. Dr Duncan Gilmore registered the business in 1986 with incorporation following in 1993.  Clients include listed industrial and mining organisations, the top law firms and legal minds, Government Departments, small and medium businesses and individuals seeking professional advice.

e3k is the new product development division of Gilmore Engineers and was introduced in 2001 to provide expertise in engineering design, research and development and commercialisation. This expertise can be focused on your system or product to introduce it to the market, to innovate, to lower the operation and production costs, improve quality and reliability, and to enhance it with advanced technological features.


Meet Our Team

Dr Duncan Gilmore

Dr Duncan Gilmore

Managing Director & President

B.E. (Mech), M.Eng.Sc., Ph.D, FIEAust, FSAEA, MASME, CPEng, RPEQ

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Dr Ray Hope

Dr Ray Hope

Vice President

B.E. (Mech), Ph.D, MIEAust, CPEng, RPEQ

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Mr Richard Billett

Mr Richard Billett

Senior Engineer

B.E. (Mech), BBus (Mgmt), MIEAust, CPEng, RPEQ

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Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly

Research & Development Engineer

B.E. (Mech), MIEAust

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Vanessa Kemp

Vanessa Kemp

Office Manager

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Gilmore Engineers personnel are experienced, highly qualified and specialists in their fields

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Our History

1986 - Gilmore Engineers registered

Dr Duncan Gilmore registers Gilmore Engineers and the consulting business begins.

1987 - Exhaust-powered tipping truck tray

Development and Patenting of a novel collapsible bag for exhaust powered tipping of truck trays.

1990 - Maxi-Mulcher garden shredder

Gilmore Engineers develops the Maxi-Mulcher Garden Shredder for Rover Mowers Ltd.

1993 – Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd is incorporated

Business begins in Station Road, Indooroopilly, Brisbane.

1994 - Electronic Cigarette

Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd develops an electronic cigarette and inhaler product for Vapotronics.

1995 - First website and email

Gilmore Engineers had an established website and internet email account through the University of Queensland, but used to dial in each Friday to check if there were new emails. Sometimes there was one or maybe two.

1996 - Computational Fluid Dynamics first used on mower deck

Gilmore Engineers first used computational fluid dynamics software PHOENICS produced by CHAM, Wimbledon Village, United Kingdom, to model the 3D air and particle flow inside a newly produced Rover Mowers Ltd mulching mower deck.  This was the first time that the likely behaviour of grass about the deck and blades had been visualised in a way that had only ever been speculated upon previously.

1998 - IMECE exhibit, California

Exhibited at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Anaheim, California, USA, seeking international business. Approximately 4000 delegates attended

1999 - GE began offering work experience

Yale graduate Eduardo Gonzalez, from the USA, spent 3 months work experience with Gilmore Engineers whilst undertaking his Master of Engineering Science degree, and before returning to work for Sikorsky Aircraft. Other students have ventured from Germany, France and Scotland to work with e3k, as well as Australia.

2000 - Pacific Design Show, California

Exhibited at the Pacific Design Engineering Show, Anaheim, California, USA, incorporating the Medical Design and Manufacturing Exposition. 15,000 delegates attended.

2000 - www.gilmore-engineers.com

A new website www.gilmore-engineers.com is established

2000 - Gilmore Engineers pioneers tidal turbine research

Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd develops the first concepts which lead to the patented AN Series underwater tidal renewable power marine turbines now owned by Atlantis Resources Ltd – London.

2000 - Dr Gilmore gives evidence in the Federal Court of Australia

Dr Duncan Gilmore called to give expert engineering evidence in the Federal Court of Australia in the alleged Patent Infringement matter of Bartlem Pty Ltd v Cox Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd.

2001 - Gilmore Engineers becomes an AusIndustry Research Service Provider

A Research Service Provider has achieved a set of criterion for registration by the Australian Federal Government and has appropriate scientific or technical expertise and resources to perform research and development of behalf of other companies. Registered number 34439.

2001 - Research and Development division, e3k, is launched

Gilmore Engineers product development division, e3k, was launched to differentiate the business from its failure analysis work.

2001 – e3k wins High Commendation at Queensland Engineers Australia Excellence Awards

e3k designed a foot force sensor used in training Olympic kayakers. See the full story in our Newsletter. The team of Andrew Trim and Daniel Collins gained a silver medal in the Men’s K1 500 metre event, and Katrin Borchert a bronze medal in the Women’s K1-500 metre event at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

2003 – Atlantis tests prototype in Clarence River

e3k designed blades for an Atlantis Energy hydrokinetic turbine, and prototype testing commenced in the Clarence River, New South Wales in 2003. Successful testing led to further prototypes and ultimately a large investment and listing on the London Stock Exchange.

2003 – Photographic evidence goes digital

Digital photographic images first used in engineering reports produced by the company - printed directly rather than glued 6"x4" Kodak colour prints

2006 – FLAT Pty Ltd wins Excellence Award at the Sydney Engineers Australia Awards

e3k designed and developed the initial FLAT prototypes upon which the present product is based.

2008 – Joinlox wins Invention of the Year on the ABC’s New Inventors

e3k performed Finite Element Analysis on the proposed design and developed the locking mechanism to achieve adequate strength and lifetime.

2009 – Dr Duncan Gilmore assigned as court's expert for high profile crane failure case

Dr Gilmore was assigned by the Supreme Court of Queensland to oversee the expert evidence for a crane collapse. The crane was supporting a dragline boom, which was dropped during a lowering operation. 

2010 – e3k and Leightons finalists in Queensland Engineers Australia Excellence Awards

e3k joined with Leighton Contractors to become finalists in the Research and Development category of the Awards. The entry was based on mathematical models developed to provide benchmarks for the consumption of energy used in hauling ore within large mining operations. A single algorithm was then developed which could be applied to assess the energy efficiency of individual machines over time and set targets for improvement in their consumption of energy. This same formula can also be applied to assist in the design of more energy efficient mine sites and the selection of vehicles appropriate to each site.

2012 – SeaUrchin project sweeps the Newcastle Engineering Excellence Awards

In collaboration with EET, ATSA Defence and RPC Technologies, the SeaUrchin marine current turbine project wins the GHD Excellence Award, the UGL Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award and was declared the Overall Winner.

2012 – e3k wins Engineers Australia National Excellence Award

The SeaUrchin Marine Turbine project continues its winning ways by securing an Engineers Australia National Excellence Award.

2013 – Bright Devices Group wins a Commercialisation Australia Skills & Knowledge grant

e3k spinoff, Bright Devices, developed a visual cueing device for Parkinson’s freeze of gait (FOG) named Agilitas. The device detects FOG automatically and projects a laser light on the ground to assist the user in breaking their freeze. The AusIndustry grant was won by Bright Devices and assisted in commercialisation activities.

2013 – Agilitas cueing device for Parkinson’s Freeze of Gait product launch

Gilmore Engineers associate company, Bright Devices, developed a wearable visual cueing device to assist Freezing of Gait, a debilitating symptom of Parkinson's Disease. The product was launched on World Parkinson's Day, 11th April, 2013.

2013 – e3k supports Australian water installations in Qatar

e3k conducted CFD simulations on a 22 million Gallon munipal water reservoir in Umm Qarn, Qatar. This marked the beginning of a foray into international contracting for e3k.

2014 – e3k launches into HPC computing

e3k purchases ANSYS CFX outright and upgrades to a new, high speed, 32-core server computer for conducting faster CFD and FE analysis. 

2014 – e3k begins project engineering

Subsidiary division e3k begins consulting to the mining industry on capital equipment assessments with Ok Tedi Mining Limited.  Further work for MMG Sepon resulted, including project engineering on an infrastructure failure and repair.

2015 – Article published in ANSYS Advantage magazine

e3k’s use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in design on the SeaUrchin hydrokinetic turbine project was published by ANSYS’s Advantage magazine. The article focussed on e3k’s approach to using simulation to evolve the turbine design through iterative torque evaluation.

2016 - Acid Tank Remediation Project

Design of a solution to an infrastructure failure at a copper mine in Laos. e3k engineered and supervised the remediation activities within a 5 day Total Plant Shut, which involved electrolyte storage, inspection, extensive repair and NDT of the resolved steel tank liner.

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