Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd is a leading Australian Engineering consultancy, serving industry, government and consultants in the manufacturing, energy, transportation, aerospace, mining and other high-technology fields.

Engineering Failure Analysis

New Product Design and Development

  • Research, Development and Commercialisation of International Products
    - e3k Global.
  • Innovative New Product concepts and Intellectual Property development
    - e3k Think.
  • Complete Engineering prototype development from concept to in-service
    testing - includes e3k Medical.
  • Creative and advanced machine design including 3D modelling (SolidWorks).
  • Advanced Engineering analysis including computer simulation of systems.
  • Comprehensive technical reviews for business planning, marketing and R&D finance.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Stress Analysis (FEA), Rapid Prototyping, Computer Simulation.

Technical Project Management and Product Commercialisation

Management of technical projects is offered to provide expert supervision of the introduction and commercialisation of your most demanding technology. Contributing to the preparation of a business plan for your new product is an area where unique expertise is available. Design audits and reviews are also performed to provide an independent opinion of the specifications for a proposed system.